Since 1995, LTC has been expanding its Air Freight network and now offers a range of services. We handle airport to airport carriage, as well as Door-To- Door services upon client request both from and to Lebanon as well as Cross shipments to international destinations. Our Services are tailored to meet customer requests and exceed expectations. LTC can prioritize shipments, insure the best handling, and offer the best routing while optimizing costs, expenses, meeting terms of delivery in order to secure the most efficient service to clients. LTC is a Leading Lebanese freight forwarding companies that secures cross destination shipments from source to destinations outside of its home country supported by a global network of LTC agents. Our successful cooperation with various reputable airlines is a guarantee of reliability and cost effectiveness. LTC’s air transport logistic team work along high standards of service by advising clients and insuring that the same service quality standards are applied to marking, packing, insuring consignments and clearance.

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